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Oceanworks Guaranteed Technical Data Sheet


White PET Ocean-bound Pellet

Current as of: Tue Jan 25 2022 19:04:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Material Test Method Value Units
Source Material
Source Continent Asia
Source Type Ocean-bound
Physical Properties
Melt Point DSC 247-253 ºC
Intrinsic Viscosity ASTM-D 4603 0.78-0.82 dl/g
Typical Composition
Color White
Form Pellet
Ash Content ASTM D5630 < 0.05 %
Moisture Content Moisture balance method - EB/WI/QA/002 < 0.25 %
% Ocean Plastic 100
Processing Notes
This material needs to first be crystallized and then dried. If you have a Dehumidified air dryer (desiccant dryer), then the supplier recommends drying for 5 hours at 160-170 ºC (or standard parameters which should be similar, but it also depends on the efficiency of the system). This material is virtually the same as virgin bottle grade resin. You should be able to follow a standard process in using this material.